Aaron Sims Library Fund

The Barr-Reeve Dance Team and the Washington Dance Team held a fundraiser at the basketball game between the two schools in the 2002-03 school year. The funds were to be applied to the Library Fund in honor of Aaron. A generous sum of money was raised. Also, I'd like to give special recognition to Aaron's dad for his generous donation. Thank you to everyone who has donated! This brings the total of the funds raised to $3012. I believe that approximately 110 books have been bought and added to the library.

Barr-Reeve Community School, in honor of Aaron, established a library fund which will be used to purchase books for their library. Being an avid reader himself, Aaron actively encouraged students to read and tried to instill in them a love of reading. We are sure Aaron would love to see the Barr-Reeve School Library grow with an emphasis on increasing the number of books on the primary and intermediate level. If you would like to contribute to the Library Fund, you may do so by sending your donation to:

Barr-Reeve School
Aaron Sims Library Fund
P.O. Box 97
Montgomery, IN 47558

The current total of the Aaron Sims Library Fund is:    $3012.00


Coming Sometime?

Legal Proceedings

As you, the reader, may or may not know, Aaron was killed in an automobile accident. The other vehicle was driven by a young man named Tyson Wilkie. Tyson was driving at a very high rate of speed and under the influence of illegal substances. You can read about the accident and the charges on the Washington Times Herald website but the articles are now archived and you will have to pay to see them. Also Tyson's license was suspended and he shouldn't have even been behind the wheel of a car. Not only did Aaron lose his life, but one of Tyson's friends riding with Tyson was killed and Tyson's younger brother was injured. Tyson was also severely injured and was released from the hospital near the end of August. Of course, most all of Aaron's family and friends would like to see this person be punished as far as the law will allow. Though even the maximum sentence and more for this person does not equal the worth of Aaron's life to us, we feel that Tyson should be sentenced and punished to the maximum degree according to the law.

Tyson pled guilty to causing the accident that killed Aaron and Gart Salmon. He was sentenced to 8 years for both the deaths of Aaron and Gart to be served concurrently.

Tyson appealed his sentencing. Here is a link to the Appellete court findings.

Contact Information

I am thinking of having a page that has contact information for anyone interested. The amount of information would be up to you. It may be of particular interest to classmates wanting to stay in touch. Some may be concerned about having information published on the web, but once again it would be completely up to you to submit your information. If anyone has any ideas about how they would handle this let me know. I'm thinking that the page would be a separate link off this domain. Email me.