Mystery Men Magazine

The Mystery Men Magazine is something Aaron started making for us during a great Marvel Super Heroes campaign we were playing. Aaron was our "Game Master", and the players were Ben Atkinson playing a character name Coyote, Jeff Wagner playing a character named The Bronze Dragon, Dave Oberst playing a character named Morte a werewolf, Alan Sims playing the Raptor, and Tim Burris playing a character named the Dynamic Disruptor. It was a very fun superhero campaign for us all and Aaron put a lot of work into our games and into this publication he gave us. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I have a total of 11 magazines and will try to post at least one a week. These files require Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. If you don't have it you can click here.

Audo Clips of Aaron

The following clips were give to me by Susan Buzan. Her daughter, Stephanie, worked at the radio station when we were in high school. The station was WRTB. Stephanie wanted to play a little birthday joke on one of her co-workers. His name was Mitch, he had a morning show called "Mitch in the Morning". Stephanie asked Aaron and some other friends to help her make up and record a story about Mitch and she would sneakily slip it in on Mitch during his morning show. The following is the result of that fun. There are two versions, the first is the recording that Stephanie and Aaron made and the second is the WRTB "Mitch in the Morning" show with the suprise recording. I apologize for the radio version; it has a whistling sound that I haven't been able to edit out. Otherwise, enjoy!

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