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There are sooooo many stories to tell about Aaron. Some of them funny stories, some of them inspiring stories and some of them just plain interesting. I want to share some stories that I have and encourage others to share their stories of Aaron. You may submit a story by clicking the link near the top right of this page.

Title of Story Submitted by Submitted on
Fydobularity -v- Equigularity Derek Schweikarth July 19, 2002
The Mouse Story Wes Summers July 23, 2002
Frosty Mitten Club Kristen Burch Kelly July 23, 2002
Do I Have A Tan Line? Wes Summers July 31, 2002
Vincennes Apt. Adventures, Part 1 Tim Burris August 2, 2002
Ten Dot Amy Bolek August 2, 2002
Aaron as a 4 yr. Old Wilma Shelton August 2, 2002
Aaron on Role-Playing Jeff Wagner August 2, 2002
Jelly Bean Story Linda Copeland August 4, 2002
The Birth of Atkinstein Aaron Atkinson August 9, 2002
About Aaron Alan Sims August 14, 2002
Teaching Aaron Cathy Hart August 22, 2002
Tom Chalmers -v- Bruce Flea Wes Summers September 13, 2002
The Role Players' Hall of Fame Tim Burris October 8, 2002
From the Gamemaster Tim Burris October 9, 2002
I Believe in Aaron Jennifer Burris January 26, 2003
Amazing Elastic Plastic Ellie Doades April 29, 2004